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Impressive experience

A personalized approach & first-class service.

Groom is ready

02. The Planning

Getting ready for the big day.

In the lead-up to your special day, we'll collaborate closely to perfect the intricacies of your wedding video. The goal is to meticulously prepare, not only to flawlessly capture the event but also to craft a unique love story that truly reflects the essence of your relationship.


04. The Editing

Polishing your story.

This is the fun part! Each wedding film is hand-crafted by choosing the best moments for your story, selecting great music to fit your wedding vibe, keep the skin tone natural with cinematic look, and editing that is timeless. Piximpress wants you to feel that you're watching your own romantic movie! You'll get to review it before it's finalized.

01. The Meeting

Getting to know each other.

After confirming the availability for your wedding date, your next step is your complimentary consultation meeting where we'll have the opportunity to get to know each other better, dive into your vision for your wedding day, and ensure we are on the same page. If you discover that Piximpress is the perfect fit, you can secure service by signing the contract with only 25% deposit.

Bride and her bridesmaids

03. The Filming

Your big day!

This is the big day where Piximpress will meticulously capture every aspect we've meticulously planned for in your wedding video. The start and end time for the filming service will be determined by the timeline and specific wedding film collection you've chosen.

Indian Wedding

05. The Delivering

Impressive experience!

Expect to experience premium online delivery to watch your wedding film just like Netflix! You'll be able to watch it on your TV, your mobile devices, and computer. Social media links will be available to share the excitement with your family and friends!

Piximpress delivery experience


"We have watched them all multiple times and love them all! Jack and I watched them together with wine for the first time, like you recommended, and it was perfect! The chapters features are awesome and downloading was easy!" - Alexa & Jack

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