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My name is Henry. I'm the owner and the filmmaker behind Piximpress. For the past decade, I’ve been producing wedding films for couples, commercials for professionals... and I'm really obsessed with great stories in motion pictures! Special thanks to my beautiful wife, Laurie, who fully support my passion! Before anything, we love spending time together by doing voluntary works in the ministry, traveling around the world for vacations, watching Netflix, trying out new restaurants, and much more.

It all started back on April 2006 in Brooklyn NY, when 2 friends and I decided to provide photography, videography, and sound services to couples getting married. Interestingly, I started out as the DJ, moved up the ranks to become the photographer until I found my true calling which is being the filmmaker! It didn't take long when I decided to make it my future career and this sparked Piximpress in 2014! The name was created after the reaction I received from those who watched my works. They usually say "I'm impressed" or "this is impressive". Creatively, I choose the word “pix” (short for pictures) combined it with “impress” and voila... PIXIMPRESS!

Let's start something impressive together!

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Roanoke, VA United States

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