About Piximpress

Piximpress is a full-service corporate and wedding video production company founded and directed by Henry Saint-Jean. We care about creating inspiring stories and open to collaborate with engaged couples and marketing team to unveil their impressive story.

We're based here in the beautiful mountainous area of Roanoke (Virginia) and available worldwide for video services. I believe that our reactionary senses are divine gifts that enable us to experience life to the fullest. This, along with my rooted obsession for motion pictures and sound, inevitably became the catalyst for me to pursue cinematography as a career beginning in 2006, later launching Piximpress in 2014 (Nassau, New York).

The name was inspired by reactions from satisfied clients who often say things like "this is impressive" or "I'm impressed". In combining the words "pix" for pictures and "impress"... Piximpress was born! Ever since its inception, Piximpress has had the honor of creating video projects for successful companies such as Bloomberg, Jetweels, Ascend At Aspen Institute, and etc. Piximpress also has been an award-winning company for 3 consecutive years (2019-2021) who has performed countless weddings across the country.

Ready to bring your unique story to the screen? Let's create something impressive together!



About Me


My name is Henry Saint-Jean, and I am a filmmaker, a storyteller and the founder of Piximpress LLC. I have cultivated a rooted understanding of what it takes to create impressive storytelling film compositions, that leave lasting memorable impressions for you. 

As a child, I loved to draw and create stories with pictures. I used to get magazines, books and peruse them for interesting images to draw some of my favorites of which were super heroes, athletes, nature, and Bible characters. Although I didn't know what I wanted to do career-wise, my creative nature continued to shine through, leading me to win a high-school art class contest by creating a storyboard for a newly-invented product.

Special thanks to the encouragement of my beautiful wife, Laurie, who allows me to share my passion full-time with couples and business owners. Even though she loves helping in the background with management tasks, she also accompany me at the weddings for support as my assistant... I couldn't ask for better! Outside of business, we love spending time together study and teach Words of God, have a blast with family and friends, I love spicy foods, Laurie is a bread lover, and we both love traveling around the world!