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Henry S.


Hey there! I'm Henry and I am based here in the beautiful mountainous area of Roanoke, Virginia. I have always been a person who believed that our reactionary senses are divine gifts that enable us to experience life to the fullest. This, along with my rooted obsession for motion pictures and sound, inevitably became the catalyst for me to pursue cinematography as a career beginning in 2006, later launching Piximpress® in 2014 in Nassau, New York.

The name of the video production company was inspired by the reactions from satisfied clients who often say "this is impressive" or "I'm impressed". In combining the words "pix" for pictures and "impress"... Piximpress® was created and now listed in the Federal Trademark Registration.

For your next video project, let's create something impressive together!

"My mission with Piximpress is to make you feel at ease during the process of your video project and create impressive motion pictures that evoke emotions."

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