Not hiring a professional wedding videographer?

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Are you thinking of having a family member to do your wedding video? Would you let a friend try to capture your once in lifetime event? The day that took you months or even years to prepare? Would you hire an amateur to help build his/her portfolio just because it's cheap or free? Or would you pay an experience professional wedding videographer?

I basically get two different answers from both individuals who are engaged to be married and individuals who are single. The most common answer is of course they'd rather hire an experience and a professional wedding videographer for their first and last wedding. Other say they wouldn't mind hiring anyone to do their wedding video if it's cheap or free. One thing for sure, finance does play a huge role on a decision whether or not to hire an amateur or an experience professional wedding videographer.

Those who say that they would definitely hire an experience and a professional wedding videographer explain that they don't want to compromised anything when it comes to their memories. Hire a vendor like this gives them piece of mind and is one less thing that they have to worry about on their special day. In business terms they should get what they paid for. As a professional and experience filmmaker, I do feel the pressure of making sure that I capture all important detail as it happens. For example, there is only one first kiss. Asking the couple to kiss again will take away the authenticity. I must capture these events as they happen with quality and in a professional manner. Therefore, paying an experience and a professional wedding videographer does secure what you are expected from them.

Can you expect the same from an amateur who's willing to do your wedding video for free just because they want build their portfolio? You may answer yes if you like to take risk and no one should judge your choice. But again, would this videographer feel the same pressure as a paid professional to make sure they got everything covered with quality and in a professional manner? Maybe they would in rare cases. It's true that they may provide a better job then a paid professional, but again the chances are very low. In conclusion, the decision of choosing either an amateur or an experience wedding videographer is a matter of choosing chance or peace of mind.

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