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Your Wedding Film Should Make You Feel

Emotionally Engaged

Joyful and Celebratory

Authentic and Personal

Cinematic and Beautifully Shots

Narative Structure

Music That Enhances the Story

Inspiring and Romantic

Lyric and Cory
Keswick Vineyards, VA

Ashley and Alexander
Icona Avalon Resort, NJ

Bianca and Corey
The Bellevue Conference & Event Center, VA

Casey and Chris
The Middleburg Barn, VA

Morgan and Seth
The Barn At Edgewood, VA

Toya and Ryan
The Mill At Fine Creek, VA

Guielsiarha and Kenrick
Stonebridge Country Club, NY

Joy and Nathan
Eastwood Farm & Winery, VA

Gagann and Amitoj
The Pavilion On Lakeland Farm, VA

Madeline and Spencer
The Mill At Fine Creek, VA

Claire and Jesse
The Boathouse At Sunday Park, VA

Theresa and Daniel
The Lodge At Mount Ida Farm, VA

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