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Wedding Film Base Collection

You have the flexibility to tailor the initial package to your preferences. No more decision fatigue!

These packages are rooted in 18 years of experience in the wedding industry, characterized by top-notch service and a consistent 5-star rating from delighted couples.

First look of bride and groom
  • Did you know this?!
    One of the most common regrets among newlyweds is not having a wedding video, ranking among the top three regrets. We sincerely hope that you won't find yourselves in this category of regretful couples.
  • Why hiring a professional wedding videographer?
    While wedding photography is undeniably important, wedding videography is essential as it uniquely captures the dynamic blend of moving visuals and sound. Hearing your vows, reliving those candid moments with soundbites while getting ready, and experiencing the vibe during the reception programs is an unparalleled and irreplaceable experience that only video can deliver.

Frequently Asked Questions

How would you describe your wedding film style?

My wedding film style is characterized by a seamless blend of authentic moments woven into a narrative that chronicles your special day. This approach creates wedding films that resemble mini love story movies, evoking genuine emotions and allowing you to relive your wedding day as if you were there all over again.

Do you travel and do destination weddings?

While many of my weddings are in VA/MD, my passion for videography transcends geography. I have joyfully captured moments in California, Indiana, Pennsylvania, Florida, and beyond. Ensuring seamless wedding days is my top priority, regardless of location. Every destination wedding's unique charm is met with tailored services.

How do you keep captured footage from our wedding safe?

To steer clear of any major mishaps, I rely on cameras with the remarkable ability to simultaneously record onto two separate memory cards. If one calls it quits, fear not! We've got a trusty backup in tow, all without sacrificing an ounce of quality. Plus, immediately after the wedding shoot, I double-down on security, saving every precious moment to both an external hard drive and the cloud. With that level of protection, you and I can exhale and relax!

How soon should we book your service?

The sooner, the better! As soon as you have your wedding date locked in, I strongly advise reaching out to inquire about my availability. I have a capped number of weddings I film each year to guarantee top-notch service for all my couples, which means my calendar often gets booked up several months in advance. Don't delay; secure your spot on my schedule today!

Can you provide liability insurance if required by the venue?

Absolutely! I'd be delighted to provide a copy of my liability insurance certificate to your venue or any other vendors, should they require it. Just give me the word, and I'll handle the paperwork with pleasure!

Can we choose our own songs for the wedding film?

While I do have a preference for choosing the music that will grace your Highlight Film, I'm also open to your song genre preferences. Generally speaking, the realm of music is a territory best navigated by the video editor. Given that each wedding possesses its own distinct style, ambiance, and rhythm, I'm well-equipped to discover the perfect melody that harmonizes flawlessly with the overall tone and essence of your special day.

How do you typically collaborate with photographers?

I've received excellent feedback from the photographers I've collaborated with so far. Prior to the wedding day, I make it a point to connect with the photographers, discuss my video shooting plan, and establish a collaborative partnership.

OK we want to book you! How do we proceed?

In general before the booking process, I like to speak with my couples so we can get to know each other a little, start building rapport before the big day, and be sure that we're on the same page. My meetings usually run about 30 min and we can talk at the time of your convenience. The meetings are usually done virtually either via Zoom video call or just phone voice. After the meeting, we make it official in 2 steps: (1) Sign the contract form and (2) make your first deposit of minimum 25% of the final cost...ta-da!

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