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Piximpress' wedding couples

Do you travel or do destination weddings?

Definitely! While Piximpress is based in Virginia, I'm available for destination weddings worldwide. All collections travel and lodging are included for qualifying states such as NC, VA, MD, and DC. For other states, I'll be happy to come to your location for an additional fee to cover the cost of travel and reasonable accommodations.

Should we be worried about damaged or missing footage?

That's a big one! To avoid this issue, I use cameras that able to record onto 2 different memory cards at the same time. If one fails, there's a backup with no loss of quality! Second, all footage is backed up in both external hard drive and cloud storage right after the wedding shoot. You and I can have a deep breath :)

How would you describe your video style?

Timeless, smooth, and cinematic storytelling. I do my best to create not just a wedding film, but a storytelling that defines your love. I like to keep the colors natural with a little bit of warm for romantic feel and cinematic look for great skin tone, and stay close to how the wedding day unfolds for natural feel.

Can we choose the songs for our wedding film?

While I prefer to select the music for your Highlight Film, I’m open to your song genre preference. In general, music is something that is best left to the video editor. Because each wedding has a unique style, feel, and flow, I am best positioned to find the song that will match the tone and feel of your wedding.

Do you have liability insurance and license to operate drones?

Yes and yes! These are important to operate Piximpress!

OK! We want to hire you... How do we proceed?

In general before the booking process, I like to speak with my couples so we can get to know each other a little, start building rapport before the big day, and be sure that we're on the same page. My meetings usually run about 30 min and we can talk at the time of your convenience. The meetings are usually done virtually either via Zoom video call or just phone voice. After the meeting, we make it official in 2 steps: (1) Sign the contract form and (2) make your first deposit of minimum 25% of the final cost...ta-da!

Frequently Asked Questions

I get asked a lot of questions, so we figured I would answer the ones I get asked the most to help you out!

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