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Why Wedding Video? It is one of the most valuable investment that you'll enjoy for years to come! Video captures both movement and sound so you can watch and relive your wedding day with full experience! Fact: One of the top 3 regrets brides have is not having a wedding video.



7 Hours of Filming Coverage

1 Filming Location

1 Filmmaker

Multiple Cameras

Lapel Mics + Audio Recorders

Aerial Drone Footage

Highlight Wedding Film (HD 4-8 min)

Delivered Online Within 8 Weeks

Social Media Sharing


 Need extra filming coverage & location?  

Filming Coverage... $100/hr

Filming Location... $150/site

 Need the entire footage of

getting ready, ceremony & reception? 

Full Wedding Video (HD)... $350

Need to show part of your ceremony

at the reception?

Same Day Editing... $495

Next Day Editing... $395

Projector & Screen Setup... $105

Want to entertain your guests

during the reception?

How We Met Film... $500

Projector & Screen Setup... $105


Custom USB Package... $150

DVD + 2 Disks... $175

4K (UHD)... $300

Upgrade Now Or Later


Weekday weddings (Mon - Thu)... 5% off

Off-season weddings (Jan - Mar)... 5% off


Pricing is subject to change at anytime.

Let's chat to lock your price in!


From Virginia to Africa!

There is a small travel fee if the distance to your wedding location is more than a 60 miles drive, or if I must travel by plane.


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