Your Wedding vs. COVID-19

Updated: Jul 25, 2020

Are you stressed because of the COVID-19? Are you unsure of what to do with your wedding plan? Should you cancel or postpone your wedding? Most of the time, we wish our vision and plan goes exactly how we want it. But unfortunately, we're living where "time and unexpected events overtake them all," said Ecclesiastes 9:11.

Unforeseen events such as disasters and serious illnesses can strike anyone, anywhere, at any time. For example, those who started planning their wedding since 2019 had no idea that their dream wedding plan for 2020 or beyond would change due to a pandemic. Even us vendors who have lined up gigs didn't know how this pandemic would impact our businesses. Planning a wedding already has its own stress. Now with COVID-19, it adds more stress to it. By watching the news, we see the importance of doing our best to protect ourselves, our loved ones, and our neighbors. In the wedding industry, it is great to see that a lot of vendors, especially wedding planners and venues, are making adjustments to their services in order to provide stress-free and safety services.

As we mentioned at the beginning, we like it when our plan goes exactly as it was visioned, especially a wedding date. Changing a planned event date does impact the entire plan like the budget, the guests count, vendors' availability such as the venue, and etc. That's why we find couples who decide to cancel the entire wedding, some postpone their wedding, and others choose keep their original wedding date with the following plan B: Minimony, elopement, or microwedding - with maybe a sequel wedding in the following year.

What is a minimony and elopement?

A minimony is a mini ceremony held with your loved ones (usually up to 10 guests), or simply a moment of commitment shared between yourselves. Elopement is almost the same as minimony but more in casual fashion of where you are tying the knot.

What is a microwedding?

A microwedding is, of course, a very small wedding that typically includes a guest list of fewer than 50 guests—often immediate family and super-close friends only. This type of wedding is usually held at a house or mansion, and also at some venues that allow it.

What is a sequel wedding?

It is a bigger celebration that follows your small wedding format like minimony, elopement, and microwedding. Sequel wedding will bring your wedding vision to life or the original wedding that you had planned prior to the pandemic. This is a great idea if you want to honor your first proposed date to solidify your union and then throw a sequel wedding at a later time to celebrate with everyone.

Now, what can you expect from vendors like videographers?

Since the beginning of the pandemic, we are seeing more couples wanting video packages with live streaming option. As a wedding filmmaker, Piximpress is doing its best to help current couples with any changes to their wedding plans with ease. That's one of the reasons Multiple packages and new services are created with the option to enhance any selected packages at a later time. Plus, a Special Package is now available for Piximpress' couples who are effected by COVID-19 restrictions but still wish to honor their original wedding date in a small wedding format like minimony, elopement, and microwedding. This package includes Live Virtual Streaming as an option for those who are unable to make the event in person and to keep guests safe at home! The virtual option allows your officiant to marry you and even your guests to deliver speeches!

Don't let COVID-19 cancels your union!

Plan safely.

Stay healthy.

Get married.

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