Wedding Story Film: Genesis + Nicholas

Met on 08/17/09. Engaged on 08/17/18. Married on 08/17/19. To begin, Nick & Genesis had no idea what was about to come next as they began their freshman year at Howard University. Genesis walked to the cafe with her roommate at the time, got her food and sat down. After they sat down, she distinctly remember two guys sitting at a table on the other side of the cafe. Her roommate being her usual silly self, wastes pizza all over her white shirt. One of those two guys AKA Trent (LOL) notices her and laughs. She sees that he's laughing at her, gets up and tells them to come sit at their table. LOVE at first sight!? Definitely more like Nick introduces himself, they exchanged numbers because otherwise people would meet people during freshman week and never see them again, and that was that. Fast-forward less than 12 hours. Genesis text Nick and say "where are you?" He's on "The Yard" he replies. She meet him out there, and from that moment on, he not only became a friend, he became her best friend. Nick and Genesis fell in love over months, and built a friendship. Their story, from there over 10 years, brought them to where they are today and tied the knot on August 17th 2019 at Boathouse At Sunday Park in Midlothian Virginia.

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