Wedding Film of Meredith and Jordan

Updated: Dec 15, 2020

Meredith and Jordan met in December 2017 on a dating app while Meredith was doing a 4th year medical student rotation at Lehigh Valley Children's Hospital. When they met, she only had 2 weeks left in town before she had to head back south. They made the most of their time, going on 4 dates in 10 days! While they both felt an instant connection and chemistry, they decided it made sense to stay friends rather than pursue a dating relationship. They barely kept in touch, sending a few texts throughout the year... However, in March 2019 Jordan was traveling and posted his first (and likely last) picture on Instagram. Meredith commented, as friends do, and later that day she got a text from Jordan! The next morning as she was running out to work, she had a Facetime from Jordan. And 3 weeks later, Jordan Craft was standing in her doorway!! April 12th they had their first date: Round 2. Their conversation was easy and never lacking. They spent hours catching up and sharing glimpses of their hopes for the future. On September 20th, Jordan asked her to spend forever with him. They are so excited to start forever together and they tied the knot on March 14 2020 at Glass Hill Venue in Goode, Virginia.

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