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Broomall, PA

Anthony's At Paxon

03/31/19 - Moneisha and Ceyron


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Blacksburg, VA

Virginia Tech War Memorial Chapel

12/01/18 - Kristy and Gregory

Blue Ridge, VA

Diamond V Farm

06/16/18 - Erin and Jacob

Charlottesville, VA

Trump Winery Barn And Pavilion

10/13/18 - Annie and Doug

Chatham, VA

Private Location

10/06/18 - Misty and Ryan

Clifton Forge, VA

The Farm At Glen Haven

12/09/18 - Kaitlin and Chris

Crozet, VA

King Family Vineyards

05/05/19 - Stacy and Marc

Fairlawn, VA

Private Location

09/29/18 - Lauren and Dustin

Fincastle, VA

Kyle House

05/27/18 - Victoria and Michael

11/11/18 - Brittany and Peter

04/20/19 - Jessica and Dominique

Floyd, VA

Floyd EcoVillage

06/09/18 - Billie and Kerry

Forest, VA

West Manor Estate

09/01/18 - Lyndsay and Benjamin

Havoner, VA

Hanover Tavern

11/03/18 - Megan and Ryan

Lunenburg, VA

Waverly Estates

11/17/18 - Jessica and Jesse

Madison, VA

Early Mountain Vineyards

04/26/19 - Ashley and Eric

Midlothian, VA

Boathouse At Sunday park

09/28/18 - Shayna and Matthew

Moseley, VA

Amber Grove

05/10/19 - Yolanda and Sam

Norfolk, VA

The Spirit Of Norfolk

03/17/19 - Julissa and Jon

Pembroke, VA

Lovewell Lodge And Weddings

10/20/18 - Brittany and Jacob

Mountain Lake Lodge

05/19/18 - Holly and Stephen

Richmond, VA

Maggiano's Little Italy

10/14/18 - Tierraney and Joshua

Roanoke, VA

Patrick Henry Ballroom

02/23/19 - Victoria and Jonathan

Roanoke Country Club

01/12/19 - Kylie and Jamee

The Penthouse At Center In The Square

09/15/18 - Ebony and Franklin

The Plantation On Sunnybrook

04/13/19 - Ashley and Dujuan

Roseland, VA

Devil's Backbone Basecamp

04/25/19 - Valerie and Adam

Vinton, VA

Boxtree Lodge

06/04/19 - Elizabeth and Andre


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