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Things That You’ll Never See In Other Videographers

Updated: Oct 21, 2021

First, and foremost I want to take a second to thank-you to Henry Saint-Jean for being a part of our momentous day. Henry was phenomenal for talking to us via video chat “the new norm” to being at our perfect day. Henry was not only passionate about the work he provided, he was prompt. We received our video in a timely manner and would use/recommend him without hesitation.

Videography and pictography are hard to know what your paying for and a great deal of trust goes to the hand at work. It’s not like food that you can sample, or a movie you can rent prior to buying. You have to trust that the artist is capable of completing this without error. Henry exceeded expectations, and literally wowed us with a breath taking video. One of the things I enjoyed the most is the personable attitude that he carries, and the desire to capture every moment to the best of his ability. Henry is an artist as I mentioned above because some of the shots he was able to captures are breath taking.

During these trying times of a “pandemic” a lot of our family was not able to attend our wedding. The videos/pictures are the only thing they could see. Henry afforded the experience and sensation of being there in person. So many words can be used to describe how great the service rendered, Henry was a blessing and we are great full that he spent the day with us capturing our memories. If you’re questioning utilizing Henry just do it, it is quality work, priced rights, and a prompt service. Some of these are things that you’ll never see in other videographers. Especially the timely/prompt video being released. Henry from the Lugo family thank you, and keep keeping those memories alive.

- Ashley and Michael

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