Do we really need a wedding video?

Updated: Jan 9, 2019

That was one of the questions a couple, friends of ours, had asked us because they wanted my wife and I to enjoy their wedding instead of working as their videographer. Without hesitation I answered yes! Not because I myself am a wedding cinematographer, but because I know the value and the satisfaction that comes with hiring one, even if it's not me :). Here's why...

When I got married, my former business partners, Alain and Wesley, did my wedding video shooting and I did the editing. Just looking at the previews, my wife and I were so happy to see the details that we missed or didn't pay attention with during our wedding day. Of course, we had an awesome photographer, but it is not the same with videography. For example, we could hear our mothers' voices in the background while we were getting ready. My father in law and my brothers who couldn't stop laughing and cracking jokes. We heard our vows, we sung our first dance song, we saw each other smiling, the tear of joy, the nervousness before poses for photo, and etc. In one phrase we can say we relived our wedding day with full experience. We saw and heard things that we didn't know exist at our wedding until we watched the video. Videography brings a lot of nice surprises.

So that's why I told our friends who were getting married yes they should have a wedding video. Most of us spends months even years planning our special day. Why not hire not only a photographer, but a videographer as well to fully experience the day again with motion pictures and sound! At the end, I was happy that our friends hired a videographer that I recommended, then my wife and myself were able to enjoy their wedding!

Fact: Not having a wedding video is one of a bride's 3 biggest regrets!

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Henry Saint-Jean


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