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1. Do you travel? How far? Are there any associated fees?
Yes! I travel from East Coast to West Coast! I apply a travel fee if the distance to your wedding location is more than 100 miles travel from Roanoke, Virginia. Contact me for more info.

2. Do you have a permit to fly a drone? Do you have liability insurance?
Yes! I am a FAA certified pilot so I can fly drone legally. Please let me know if your wedding venue requires my certificate of insurance.

3. Should we be worried about being distracted while you’re filming?
Most of the couples I work with say they didn't even feel my presence – and, in some cases – they even forgot I was filming them! I like to work as discreetly as possible. That's the reason I like wearing all black. It is also worth noting that my cinematic cameras are about the same size as the photographer’s, so sometimes wedding guests think I’m another photographer (Read Reviews).

4. How do you work with other vendors (particularly the photographer)?
Other vendors, mostly the photographers, often comment on how easy and fun I am to work with. Typically, in advance of weddings I send a note to the photographer and other vendors (the officient, the DJ, and the coordinator) to introduce myself, let them know what they can expect from me, and begin coordinating. This method works well for all of us and makes our day go smooth!

5. Can we choose the music for our wedding film?
I prefer to select the music for your Wedding Highlight Film. In general, music is something that is best left to the video editor. Because each wedding has a unique style, feel, and flow, I am best positioned to find the song that will match the tone and feel of your wedding. The other reason that I cannot include any song whatsoever (especially the ones that are popular on the radio) is due to copyright issues. That being said, I’m open to your song genre preference or you can visit the websites where I get my licensed music from: SoundStripeAudiio.

6. Do you offer raw footage? What is it anyway?

Unfortunately I do not offer raw footage. Raw footage is the untouched or unedited of the wedding video images. The raw footage is usually over 200 video files with no colors correction, no sound adjustment, size of each file is very large, and it is not formatted. As a result, raw footage is not enjoyable to watch and not everyone has good experience with it. That’s the reason Piximpress offer the Full Documentary Edit option which is an edited version of your entire event that is enjoyable to watch! Length varies based on running time of scheduled events such as ceremony, speeches, dances, and etc.

7. Can you keep our wedding video off your website and social media?
I understand that you may not want your video to be shared publicly, but this will not be part of our contract due to the marketing needs for my business. The couples I work with have a strong interest in seeing samples of my work. Please note that if I do select your wedding as part of my online portfolio, I generally share your Wedding Film. If you want to hire me but still have privacy concerns, please let me know during our meeting.

8. How would you describe your style?

If you watch few of my Wedding Films, you will notice that no two are the same because each couple is unique and special. I do my best to create not just a video, but a cinematic story to reflect how you two are in love. The story-line is easy to follow because I stay as close as possible to how the wedding day unfolds. In other words, my style is smooth and cinematic. It will feel as though you’re watching a mini-movie :)

9. Do you offer any discounts?

Yes! You will receive 5-10% discount of your wedding is during week (Mon-Thur) or during off-season weddings (Jan-Mar). You will also receive a special discount on your second booking for minimony and sequel wedding! Terms and conditions will apply.

10. OK! We want to hire you now! How do we book?
Although it’s not necessary to meet before booking, but I like to speak with all my clients so we can get to know each other, start building rapport before the big day, and be sure that we're on the same page :). My meetings usually run less than 30 min and we can talk at the time of your convenience. The meetings are usually done virtually either via video call or just phone voice. After the meeting, we can make it official in 2 steps: (1) Sign the contract form and (2) make your first deposit. Ta-Da!


I only require 30% of the final cost as a deposit, and then you have until 30 days prior to you wedding day for the remaining balance. I accept all forms of payment, but prefer online payment for faster booking and to streamline administration for us both. The payment can be made and the contract form can be signed electronically via your own Web Portal that I will create for you, and then we’re in business!

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